La Fontana

This purpose built specialist dementia care home for  51 residents, provides self-contained  ‘communities’  with between 12 and 14 bedrooms in four separate wings. All bedrooms have direct access onto the secure, landscaped gardens. The home provides Nursing Dementia, Mental Health, Long-term & Respite Care.

Our approach to the interiors concept balances the aesthetics of the modern architecture of the building with more classical interior elements which together create an enriching and reassuring environment for residents with all stages of Dementia.

Careful consideration to the arrangement of the large open-plan, communal living space is key to the success of each Dementia unit; creating a variety of easily accessible and inviting environments within one overall space and maintaining interest and inclusion by incorporating the main walkways into the centre of the space.

Finishes and materials introduce the classical elements of the design; feature wall finishes and colours being used to give identity to spaces and provide key indicators for resident orientation. The four diverse bedroom schemes each feature a distinct, patterned wallpaper to the bed wall creating a more domestic and familiar feel than the communal space, lending separation to the different environments.