Designing For Dementia

We have extensive experience of working on homes built specifically for people with Dementia, creating familiar and stimulating environments.

Creating welcoming, inviting and enabling spaces which give a sense of ‘home’ and familiarity whilst promoting conversation and interaction.

Best Practice Designing For Dementia

Owing to her extensive experience of designing environments specifically for Dementia sufferers, Alex is a member of the Advisory Board for Bournemouth University’s Ageing and Dementia Research Centre who are conducting research into Dementia friendly architecture and design.

Understanding the diverse range of difficulties experienced by people with Dementia, we keep abreast of current thinking and best practice with regard to designing interiors specifically for their needs through extensive research and following guidance from a broad range of authorities on Dementia.

We can work to your specific requirements or to recommended standards; taking guidance from various bodies at the forefront of care and research into Dementia. We work closely with you to create environments which best suit your residents and your care philosophy.

We space plan rooms to ensure easy, intuitive access through them, carefully placing key fixtures, fittings and furniture to ensure the function and purpose of each room is easily understood.

Health & Wellbeing

We recognise that the built environment can have a strong influence over a person’s feelings of security and well-being, and we take great pride in creating welcoming and domestic looking spaces which give a sense of ‘home’ and familiarity, whilst ensuring that the fixtures, finishes and materials can stand up to the rigorous demands placed on them.

Of key importance and consideration throughout the design process is the specification of robust and practical finishes which maximise infection control, facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance as well as providing longevity.

We source from a wide range of specialist manufacturers and suppliers who provide materials and fabrics which inhibit the spread of infection but which also provide a high quality and non-institutional look to your home.

If you have some ideas about a particular environment you would like to create, we can help you turn those ideas into a reality.

Dementia Projects

We have been involved in many exciting projects to create stimulating and emotive environments for people with Dementia, including reminiscence spaces, activity kitchens, sun rooms, street scenes and sensory rooms, all of which have proved hugely beneficial in reassuring and engaging residents.


We created a small, intimate pub space as part of our refurbishment of this existing Dementia home. The bar provides a familiar, welcoming focal points which immediately explain the rooms’ function, which is essential for reassuring residents and enhancing a sense of wellbeing. Spaces like this have translated into improved resting times and reduced wandering in the home.


In our designs for this new build home which included a floor for Dementia residents, we provided furniture and decorative features and visuals cues in corridors to assist residents to locate their rooms, which is key to enabling independence and providing a sense of safety and security.

Meaningful Activity

We often design accessible life-skills kitchens within dayrooms for both new-build and refurbishment projects, which provide not only a familiar focal point but meaningful activity and opportunity for interaction and conversation between residents and staff.


Bringing the outside in and providing interesting and stimulating environments to engage residents and provide reminiscence opportunities was our brief in the refurbishment of this dedicated Dementia home. We linked a suite of activity and interactive spaces with a ‘High Street’ effect corridor to stimulate residents’ interactions with staff and families.

Take a look at more of our new-build and refurbishment projects involving designing for Dementia.

By providing clear wayfinding, we in turn enhance the residents’ independence and feelings of safety.

What Makes Us Different

We love to create innovative and stimulating environments which invite and comfort residents, creating talking points and adding meaningful experiences to their days.

If you have ideas for your home and would like an experienced team to help you realise them, contact us for a no obligation conversation.

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